Board to Beauty

A few weeks ago while at Wimberly Market Days we picked up some staircase banisters. They were long, white and jumped out at us the moment we saw them. It made us think about candle holders. How unique things can not only become lights but candle holders. After all candles are a source and form of lighting so why not. We bought them, brought them home and started to work on them.

Sadly in my excitement I didn’t get a before picture. I apologize it won’t happen again.

Yesterday while driving home from the gym there was a cut 4×4 post laying in the middle of the road. For a moment I slowed, thought about stopping but continued because well my legs were pretty much jello from the gym. As I pulled into our driveway I felt a cloud of regret hang over my head. For a brief moment I thought about driving back, or sending my husband out on the mission, but decided it was probably gone and walked inside.

I told my husband about the post and what I had envisioned. The cloud of regret thundered. Through out the evening I thought about how it was a rejected post. Free for the taking. That’s good for profit.

Again the cloud of regret thundered.

Eventually I slept and a new day started. As I woke the cloud still loomed overhead. My husband and I talked about what we were going to accomplished for the day before he had to depart for work. After having breakfast and getting the kids ready we all headed outside.

While walking to the shop I noticed a pile of wood I hadn’t yet explored next to the shop. And there amongst the pile not one, not two but three 4×4 post.  We quickly collected the post, started measuring and creating. We were able to create 6 sets of candle holders from those post.

A little sanding, cleaning and painting and these blocks of wood have quickly stolen my heart.

The exciting part was that they were weathered. Not new like the one I had seen in the road. These had character. A look I would have had to work hard to achieve with the other post. tall2

I love that they are cracked in places or you can see the old cut marks on them.


 Gold, Bronze , White and my favorite of all Red.



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